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Battery and Power
Management System

1. General Battery Management System

General Battery Management System.

Abbros scalable battery management system (BMS) can be used in industrial or automotive applications. And to ensure that this is ideally achieved, we offer you the complete package: as a system provider of drive technology.

We supply you with all the components required for a modern electric drive train from a single source - including the associated control and service software.

2. Smart charging

Smart Charging.

Abbros company developed a line of low cost and high-efficiency battery charging solutions to serve the needs of the consumer motive power market as well as the rapidly evolving telecom, solar, and backup battery markets. As a result, we’ve cultivated multiple partnerships with a forklift truck, battery, and charger OEMs, dealers, and service providers across the West Coast.

The entire charging process, from authentication to initiation to billing, happens instantly and autonomously. We Specialized in energy efficient and cost effective battery charging and monitoring solutions.

3. Electrical Vehicle charging

Electrical Vehicle Charging.

Our Charging Technology and Equipment Show will bring together manufacturers, engineers, service providers, solution partners, and investors of Charging of EVs business. Our aim is to become one of the largest electric charging solutions providers globally, meeting customer demand at home, at work or on the go.

We’re committed to providing customers with the best and most convenient EV experience available, enabling them to charge where, when and how they want.

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