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Product Development


We conduct feasibility study for new business start ups wherein we conduct economic- techno study of the investment to be made in new business as an investment decision. Our team of professionals has assisted organizations of many types industries in India to determine the financial feasibility of an ample variety of projects.

We support in preparation of business projections wherein we support the management in preparing the projected balance sheet, projected profit and loss account, and projected cash flows as a part of business projections.

2. System engineering


Abbros works closely with program owners and stakeholder to ensure system requirements are identified, sufficiently defined and managed throughout the system lifecycle the ensure traceability, testability and successful implementation on-time and within budget.

Our development methodology focuses on manufacturability, right from the concept design phase. Our development practices are built and refined over time and are enriched with specialist partnerships.

3. System Architecture


At Abbros, Technology Architects are at the heart of innovation to deliver the most technically and strategically complex and cutting-edge solutions to our clients. We initiate a criteria-based selection approach to describe how the system or product will be constructed.

We bring the powerful advantage of our expertise and experience to create the digital transformation story for our clients.

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